Of Corsican origin, Michèle Mallaroni was born in Touraine, in the heart of
″ the garden of France″.
Drawn by a creative boost from an early age, she acquired her first artistic
techniques in the Beaux Arts ( The Fine Arts Institute), in Tours and she carried
on her apprenticeship in Rennes University, at the Fine Arts College where she
earned herself a sound culture and artistic practice.
She started as a designer for a Japanese firm of interior decoration and her decision
to finally settle and live in Corsica, a return to her roots which she lived as an obvious fact,triggered her inspiration and her inexhaustible artistic creativity.

When art sublimates daily life…

Michele has a predilection for still lives and portraits and draws her inspiration from daily life and the contemplation of nature. Her line drawing is spontaneous, just like its creator.Her triptyches and sets of floral pattern canvasses have established her reputation.
The white and the carmine of the poppies, the pink of the wild roses to which the red of the coral and the yellow of the lemon add,are as many warm colours that brighten the space.

For a few years now, Michèle Mallaroni has orientated her work towards the human-being, the expression of the eyes, the position of the body.
Black eyes, tied back hair a haughty bearing and a willing pride. Her women’s por-traits reveal another facet of Michèle’s Mallaroni artistic expression.
All these women drawn from her imagination bear a distinctive personality. None of them look alike,but they all capivate us thanks to their imposing presence, the softness of their features and the multitude of lives we want to lend them.The paintings are uncluttered, with just some black and white on linen canvass and sepia colours which endow timelessness to the characters.

Michèle Mallaroni’s painting lies within a world enchantment artistic boost.
The world is beautiful. Michèle Mallaroni’s paint brush reminds to everyone this obvious invisible fact. This artist lives, her eyes wide-opened.
Michèle Mallaroni’s work is a gnerous attempt of the re-enchantment of lives.